KCSFF 2024

Now Accepting Submissions

August 10, 2024

Bedford Playhouse

Bedford, NY

We are thrilled to be partnering with Bedford Playhouse for the 5th year in a row. Come to the playhouse lawn for short films from Bedford, Westchester, New York, and the entire world! We even have a special program of young filmmakers to share with you.

Congratulations to last year’s winners!

Best Young Filmmaker

Amity Doyle,

Explorava Explores: In Search or Amitus Solo

Best in Westchester

Olivia Butler

Hearty Heart

Best Animated Short

Jakub Bożydar Dolny

Great Little Giant

Best Narrative Short

Ali Moghaddam


Audience Favorite

Deborah Carlson

What is Love?

Unripe USA

Recent to the outlaw life, Reese a confused cowgirl finds herself being challenged to a duel by self proclaimed best in the west gunslinger Sally. This silly feud turns out to be nothing of the ordinary when Reese starts to struggle through her uncertain final moments and fate.

Photu India

Silent Notes NYC

A misunderstood, deaf, white young man longs to join a black Baptist choir that he secretly admires, in hopes of becoming part of the community.

Hellweek Brewster, NY

It’s “Hell Week” for a community theatre production of “Mame,” and tensions are running high.

Just Ghost Me USA

Based on a true story, Just Ghost Me is a metafiction recreation of a humorously failed relationship performed by the original writer of the article.

Explorava Explores: In Search of Amitus Solo Katonah, NY

Rescue Russia

A young guy’s girlfriend dies during a sailing regatta. His grandfather comes to help him deal with this tragedy.

What is Love? Katonah, NY

Adapted from Shakespeare, a magical spirit awakens youthful sprites who race to find the meaning of love

Catch the Stupid Bird Brewster, NY

When Saddler’s pet bird escapes, he convinces his friend Braxton to help him chase it down. When they find themselves chasing it into a church, the boys share life tips and discuss the challenges of the world that they are growing up in.

Fatherless Iran

Sha’ban’s father is dead and Sha’ban insist to donate his body to medical school as his father’s will. His mother and his sister are against him, because the medical school will not return the body to burry. But Sha’ban’s intention is not just to carry out his father’s will.

Great Little Giant Poland

An adaptation of the Irish legend of the Giant’s Causeway.
Finn McCool has been shouting with his Scottish rival for years about which of them is the biggest giant. When things get out of hand, Finn’s wife Ooanagh comes to the rescue.

Parallel France

The parallel daily life of two young women, a customer success manager and a shepherdess, in their work environment that everything seems to oppose.

Song NYC

A songwriter struggles to overcome writers block.

We Said on the 13th France

Jeff must recover something important for Alex but this one is petrified at the thought of it…

Ripe Fruit France

A couple goes to the sea in a magnificent villa. Not everything will go as planned with the owner.

Hearty Heart Mohegan Lake, NY

Cotter struggles to remember the night before while his best friend Benny tries to help him

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